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Flexi bracelet Pure stainless steel Flexi bracelet Pure stainless steel
Clarity and pure design: the appealing flexi bracelets by Magnetix...
Artnr: 183L
£26.00 *
Flexibles Magnetarmband im Matt-Glanz-Design mit 30 funkelnden Swarovski-Kristallen Flexi Magnet Bracelet, in matt-gloss design with 30 sparkling zirconia stones
The flexible magnetic bracelet is easy to put on, super comfortable to...
Artnr: 4456S
£47.00 *
Flexi bracelet Classix - stainless steel Flexi bracelet Classix - stainless steel
Classical plain stainless steel flexi bracelet effectively combined with...
Artnr: 4310M
£37.00 *
Flexible Bracelet Haematite coloured Flexible Bracelet Haematite coloured
This bracelet made of genuine, carefully hand-cut and colorfully foil...
Artnr: 4726M
£28.00 *
Flexi bracelet Flexi bracelet
Artnr: 4547S
£37.00 *
Elastic magnetic bracelet made of black lava beads scent diffuser Elastic magnetic bracelet made of black lava beads scent diffuser
The stainless steel ball and the small pendant with a 1200 gauss strong...
Artnr: 4631S
£28.00 *
Flexi bracelet bicolour Flexi bracelet bicolour
Elegant Design in stainless steel with accents of gold: the classical...
Artnr: 4071L
£33.00 *
Flexi Magnet Bracelet, Bicolour Design Flexi Magnet Bracelet, Bicolour Design
Flexi Magnet Bracelet, Bicolour Design with 30 sparkling zirconia stones...
Artnr: 4457L
£56.00 *
Flexi bracelet 22mm Flexi bracelet 22mm
Artnr: 4617M
£37.00 *
Flexibles Magnetarmband Classix silberfarben und Schwarz Flexi bracelet bicolour Classix
Classix magnetic bracelet - flexible and strong The Classix bicolour...
Artnr: 4312M
£47.00 *
Flexi Armband Classix Bicolor - Magnetschmuck Flexi bracelet bicolour Classix
Flexi stainless steel bracelet with gold-coloured elements, effectively...
Artnr: 4311M
£47.00 *
Flexible magnetic bracelet with jasmine motif Flexible magnetic bracelet with jasmine motif
The delicate, elegant jasmine flowers are a symbol of love and...
Artnr: 4866M
£33.00 *
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Flexi bracelets - magnetic jewellery

Flexible bracelets - stylish and comfortable - magnetic jewellery

Our flexible wristbands exude a classic yet sporty radiance. Due to their special design, they can be gracefully extended without you noticing and adapt to your circumstances. Temperature fluctuations and exhausting days? Defy swollen wrists with our flexible bracelets. The finely integrated neodymium magnets in the bracelets provide extra power and energy. Some flexi bracelets are provided with copper, which has a antibacterial properties.

More is more - Flexible bracelet easily combinable

Our high-quality stainless steel bracelets are available in gold, silver and black. The flexible bracelets are available in plain colours or bicolours and add additional accents through the use of shimmering zirconia. The bicolour design gives you more flexibility in adding it to and combining it with other bracelets or other jewellery.

Flexible bracelets always fit

Say goodbye to unpleasantly oppressive bracelets and at the same time impress with a tasteful, stylish appearance through our magnetic flexible bracelets. Put yourself in the limelight with your flexible magnetic bracelet and discover the rich variety of our selection of flexible bracelets.


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