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Magnetic insoles Magnetic insoles
Strong presence: treat your feet to the insoles by MAGNETIX Wellness and...
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Magnetic insoles for children 22-35
Magnetic insoles for children 22-35
Strong presence: treat your feet to the insoles by MAGNETIX Wellness and...
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Satin slippers with magnets black Satin slippers with magnets black
Slip your feet in and feel good. These slippers offer a reflex zone...
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Magnetic insoles – extra power for your feet

Magnetic insoles and textile slippers

Our feet carry our entire body weight every day, which can lead to stress. Magnetix Wellness has developed magnetic insoles for this purpose. With 10 integrated neodymium magnets, each with a strength of 1,200 Gauss, our insoles provide for that extra power portion of concentrated energy and also offers pleasant wearing comfort. Whether on an extended walk or a long shopping day: Say goodbye to tired, sluggish feet! Simply cut the magnetic insoles to fit any shoe size and any shoe. The insoles with magnets are available in three different designs for different sizes.

Magnetic insoles for big and small

Our smallest size is ideal for particularly dainty feet or for children's feet in sizes 22-35. Our standard version is suitable for sizes 36-40 and 41-47. The half-insoles are specially designed for high heels. Who doesn't know them? Pumps, they look chic, but after a few hours the soles of your feet start to hurt and every step becomes difficult. Our magnetic insoles are a quick remedy for this. The magnetic insoles are made of soft cowhide leather with 7 integrated magnets, each with 1,200 Gauss and ensure a lasting, carefree demeanor. So you can also relaxedly walk with pumps all day long!

The idea behind the magnetic insoles

As is usual in acupressure, the magnetic insoles stimulate certain pressure points on the soles of the feet and have a massaging effect. Let yourself in for the wellness effect and step light-heartedly through life! Especially if you have to stand a lot every day, you should stimulate your feet regularly, to avoid pain and to pleasantly provide better blood circulation in the feet. A blessing for the whole body. If you feel your shoes are too hard, the magnetic insoles are also comfortable to wear. Simply cut them to size and insert them into the shoes.

Important note: The magnetic insoles are not suitable for people with pacemakers or other electrical implants.


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