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Magnetic coaster made of silicone in Chakra colours Magnetic coaster made of silicone in Chakra colours
Bring colour and energizing water into your everyday life! Our new...
Artnr: 3522
From £18.00 *
Magnetic band for drinking bottles Magnetic band for drinking bottles
The magnetic band can easily be stretched over standard water bottles...
Artnr: 4670
£18.00 *
Silicone water magnet “Tree of life“
Silicone water magnet “Tree of life“
Silicone magnets in three strong colours The decorative silicone water...
Artnr: 3551
£28.00 *
Silicone water magnet “Tree of life“ Silicone water magnet “Tree of life“
The silicone water magnet, with the tree of life symbol, contains a...
Artnr: 4359
£10.00 *
Paw magnetic water stick (medium)
Paw magnetic water stick (medium)
There is the Paw wildly strong magnetic stick for all animal lovers. It...
Artnr: 1449
£28.00 *
Sun magnetic water stick (medium)
Sun magnetic water stick (medium)
Stainless steel water stick with integrated magnets (length approx....
Artnr: 2647
£28.00 *
Silicone magnet coaster Silicone magnet coaster
This silicone mat with nine integrated neodymium magnets serves as a...
Artnr: 4395
£28.00 *
Tree of Life magnetic water stick (large)
Tree of Life magnetic water stick (large)
Water Stick, Tree of Life, Big, with cubic zirconia stones Water is the...
Artnr: 4092
£33.00 *
Clover leaf water stick (medium)
Clover leaf water stick (medium)
Happiness and health are two of the most important things in life....
Artnr: 1997
£28.00 *

A balanced diet? That includes water - drinking water is fun with MAGNETIX Wellness!

Water fulfils a number of different functions in the human organism. For example, it regulates body temperature and, as an important component of the blood, supplies our cells with oxygen and energy. In short: water is essential for our life. Anyone who cares about a balanced diet should therefore not only eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, but also consume enough water. The German Society for Nutrition (short DGE) recommends that adults drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day. Is this difficult for you or do you know a dear person who simply always drinks too little and whom you would like to please? A magnetic water stick from MAGNETIX Wellness is the perfect way to remind you to always drink enough. Not only that: Our decorative water sticks also provide particularly refreshing, energizing drinking water thanks to the integrated powerful neodymium magnets with 2,000 gauss. The application is very easy: Simply place the magnetic water stick with your favourite motif in a glass of water and you can enjoy energising water.

Those who drink a lot stay fit and in a good mood - order your MAGNETIX Wellness Water Stick now

MAGNETIX Wellness water sticks are available in various motifs and sizes. The small water sticks are ideal for small drinking glasses, while the large versions are ideal for use in water jugs. In addition to our distinctive water sticks, the MAGNETIX Wellness magnetic coasters for glasses are a stylish way to supply your body with energizing water. You can order our practical silicone coasters with 1,500 Gauss magnets in seven chakra colours. They combine the advantages of magnetic power and the knowledge of the chakra teachings in a decorative way.


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