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Gabriel chip for smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers and other devices
Gabriel chip for smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers and other devices
The Gabriel chip is an aluminium chip with a modified atomic structure....
Artnr: GC0001
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Wellness products for the home and the office

Wellness products for the home and the office

Escape from everyday life - Magnetix Wellness-Accessories

The wide range of our wellness products offer you the necessary relaxation for stressful times. How about a short break in which you can switch off and regenerate? Our products give you a feel-good effect and score with additional flexibility. Due to the size and weight of the products, they are easy to transport and can be used in various situations. 

Pleasant magnetic reversible cushions with sophistication

Relax with the comfortable reversible seat cushion. The benefits of the seat cushion are particularly noticeable in situations where you sit longer. For longer car journeys or at the office, the reversible cushion promotes a relaxed and stable sitting posture. Equipped with 9 powerful magnets, the colourful reversible cushions can be used in the various areas of your everyday life.  Make yourself comfortable and benefit from a healthy posture at the same time.

Refreshment and relaxation - Magnetic water sticks

The handy and elegant magnetic water sticks not only flatter your eyes, but also shine through their use in energizing and refreshing water. The playful and stylish appearance of the water sticks will remind you by their presence, in addition to drinking. The different sizes of 11 cm, 18 cm and 26 cm make it easy to store the sticks in your handbag and take them with you wherever you go.

Colourful, small and handy silicone water magnets

Enjoy the colourful appearance and powerful effect of our water magnets.  The silicone water magnets with a strength of 1800 gauss can be used in a variety of ways: whether in your bath water or in your footbath for the feel-good effect on your body, as energizing water for watering your herbs and flowers or even using the water magnet for your water for tea and coffee or used as a saucer for your fruit. 

Covered in a durable silicone coating, the compact magnets are easy to carry along and also snuggle comfortably to the palm of your hand. 

Velvety soft time-out - sleep mask with magnetic effect

Close your eyes and take some time out. The high-quality neodymium magnets are integrated into the soft terry cloth inside layer of the sleep mask and consist of a total of 7 magnets with a force of 600 gauss. The effortlessly adjustable rubber bands nestle gently against your head and prevent the mask from slipping. Draw new strength and say goodbye to dark circles in a short time and that wherever you want!


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