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Find relaxation with a soothing massage

Massage is still one of the most popular relaxation methods. For an extraordinary massage that relaxes the neck, shoulder and back, simply let the MAGNETIX Wellness Massage Magnet circle over the affected area in gentle movements. If these are then performed by your favourite person - there is hardly a more effective method for stress management or muscle relaxation!

Our massage comb with integrated magnets is another MAGNETIX wellness highlight that provides more relaxation in everyday life. Particularly under stress, each individual comb stroke simply feels good and frees your head from all unnecessary worries. And should the hustle and bustle of everyday life get out of hand and become noticeable as a nasty headache: With the MAGNETIX Wellness "Cold & Warm Compresses" or our cooling headband, you will always keep a cool head, because the cold helps to relieve pain.

Treat yourself to our practical "Feel good" helpers with magnetic effect or give them away to someone very special who, like you, longs for more relaxation in everyday life.


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