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Magnetarmband aus Silikon und ein Motivplättchen
Magnetarmband aus Silikon und ein Motivplättchen
£18.00 *
Magnetarmband aus Silikon und ein Motivplättchen
Magnetarmband aus Silikon und ein Motivplättchen
£18.00 *
Magnetic seat cushion Magnetic seat cushion
Das Magnet-Sitzkissen ist ideal für Büroangestellte und Vielfahrer. Auch Menschen, die eine längere Urlaubsfahrt oder einen längeren Flug vor sich haben, sowie jene, die gesundheitsbedingt viel Zeit im Sitzen verbringen müssen, erleben...
£66.00 *
Massage Magnet
Massage Magnet
Ein Klassiker aus der traditionellen chinesischen Medizin, der Gua Sha Stein, findet auch heutzutage großen Anklang bei Wellness-Fans und wird als Tool zur Gesichtsmassage hergenommen. Unser Gua Sha Stein mit 6 integrierten Magneten wird...
£56.00 *
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Magnetic power for shoulders and back

Relieve muscle tension - the best home remedy: warm-cold compresses

Not only is tension in itself extremely unpleasant and can severely restrict us in our everyday lives. Any kind of tension - whether in the back, neck, throat, shoulder or the shoulder blade - often causes headaches. For example, it is advisable to warm the affected area. Home remedies that provide rapid relief are therefore warming pads. At MAGNETIX Wellness you will find compact warm-cold compresses in a stylish design and in seven chakra colours for a little thermotherapy at home. If you tend to get tense muscles, your MAGNETIX Wellness Hot & Cool Pack will quickly become your favourite accessory! With the Power Heart, the Hot & Cool Pack can be quickly and easily attached where you need it.

Headache due to tension? Get some cooling!

You already own one of our Hot & Cool Packs? Then turn your individual item into a dream team! The Power-Heart fits perfectly onto our Hot & Cool Packs. As a special highlight of our collection, each individual Power Heart has a high-quality neodymium magnet with 2,200 Gauss. Thanks to the counter piece, you can not only attach it to your Hot & Cool Pack, but also wear it variably on your body - exactly where you want it. But our shop has even more in store for fast thermotherapy in your own four walls than practical cooling pads. Especially for headaches, a cooling MAGNETIX Wellness headband and our practical cooling cushion with integrated magnets quickly provide relief and promote well-being. Enjoy the cooling wellness effect!

Lots of exercise helps to release tension in the back and neck

Permanently uncomfortable sitting usually leads to unpleasant neck or back tension sooner or later. Instinctively, we then tend to adopt a gentle posture, which in many cases, however, further aggravates the actual problem in the long run. Therefore, keep moving and promote blood circulation in your joints. The foot reflex zone mat from MAGNETIX Wellness is ideally suited for this, with which you can enjoy a small pressure point massage and activate the entire foot, leg and posture muscles. And with a reversible magnetic seat cushion from MAGNETIX Wellness you ensure a comfortable sitting position and more well-being in the office.


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