Magnetic bracelet silver coloured with lava bead

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The silver coloured magnetic bracelet , with engravable bridge and scented lava bead,... more

The silver coloured magnetic bracelet, with engravable bridge and scented lava bead, inspires with geometrical clarity and symbolic character.


The straight-lined necklace immortalizes the very special moments of your life in high-quality stainless steel. The filigree bridge can be engraved, literally leaving room for names or small messages. It is flanked by a very special natural beauty. The black lava pearl is not only an attractive visual contrast, it also serves as a fragrance carrier for your favourite fragrance or soothing aromatic oils.

A personal gift that says more than 1000 words - for yourself and your favourite people.


The delicate magnetic link bracelet caresses your wrist in an adjustable length. There are two neodymium magnets on the closure, which should lie on the skin when worn.

Lava bead

From the depths of volcanic fire, a stone emerges that has always fascinated people in its unfathomable blackness. Lava, also called basalt, has been processed into jewellery for thousands of years. With its porous surface it looks like a sponge and is therefore an ideal fragrance dispenser for essential oils or your favourite perfume.

Each pearl is unique.

Apply a little oil to your thumb and index finger and rub gently into the lava pearl. Depending on the intensity, the fragrance lasts for many hours or even days. If it is gone, simply re-scented.


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Magnetic Jewellery: Magnetic bracelet
Bracelet inner circumference (mm): M-XL=160-190
Width: 5 mm
Magnets: 2
Gauss: 1200
Polarity: North
Stones: Lavastein
Stone Colour: black
Material: Stainless steel
Surface: High gloss polished
Color: Silver-coloured

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