Animal collar with negative ions

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Athletes and health-conscious people have been relying on negative ions for a long time.... more

Athletes and health-conscious people have been relying on negative ions for a long time. According to the ancient Yin-Yang theory, negative ions are supposed to balance a surplus of positive ions in our environment. With our new decorative animal collars with negative ions, even your favourite four-legged friend can enjoy everyday life with more well-being. 


+ Made of skin-friendly silicone

+ Equipped with negative ions

+ Adjustable size

+ With five integrated neodymium magnets (2,000 Gauss each)

+ In five trendy colours


The five neodymium magnets, each with 2,000 gauss, are discreetly and decoratively integrated into the animal collar. The sweet paw motif is also shiny, which makes the collar a definite highlight. You can also customize the collar to fit the size of your pet. Simply adjust the collar to the desired length and cut off the excess end on the side with the hole closures. 


The collar is not suitable for attachment to a leash.


In our habitat the number of negative ions in the air is very different: It is on average up to 50.000 per cm³ near a waterfall, in a forest about 3000 per cm³, in a well ventilated room still up to 500 per cm³ and in an air-conditioned room only up to 100 negative ions per cm³. Many scientists regard a number of 1000 negative ions and more per cm³ as ideal.

Polarity: North
Gauss: 2000
Material: Silikon mit Minus-Ionen, Stainless steel
Color: black, Blue, Fuchsia, green, red
Magnets: 5
Width: 15 mm
Collection: Paw
Length: 255-555 mm

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